Thursday, August 11, 2011


I received the email below via a Yahoo Group I'm a member of.  I made the decision to share (after asking permission!!) with my fans/followers because this is a part of what animal advocacy is about. I could only post the animals in need of rescue.  I could only post news articles and videos.  I could only post animals and news from within the state I live in.  I choose to do more.

Please share this note far and wide.   If a rescue closes down, it is the animals that suffer.  The animals of Memphis suffer enough as it is.  Remember, this is the city where a dog starved to death in MAS, where Kapone went missing after being picked up by Animal Control, where dogfighting is a tremendous problem, where little Yogi was stolen from his backyard.  Paws NE works with the Tipton County Animal Shelter in Brighton, rather than MAS but that does not mean the need is any less.

So donate if you can.  If you cannot donate, share the note.  Let's help a rescue continue to do the work it was created to do.

Thank you.

Carol Schatz

Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 00:47:59 -0400


Here I sit at the computer, it's almost midnight as I'm starting this email, and I don't even know where to begin. My heart is very heavy and my mind is a blur of thoughts and emotions that I just can't even comprehend right now. All day every day for the last several days, i've been going through the necessary motions at work and at home but my mind and heart are elsewhere.

I'm sick in my soul because the one thing that I've been most passionate about for the past four and a half years (since April 2006) is about to exist no longer unless strangers and friends, alike, can save us. I hate so much to do this but I have no choice but to turn to animal lovers in the community and beg and plead for your help. Our rescue group is in the
worst financial condition it has ever been in and the reality is that we probably will not be able to pull out of it this time -- not without a miracle :(

I know that the economy has tremendously hurt so many people and ruined so many lives and, as we all know, the beloved pets of these people are the ones who suffer and are left behind when things get tough. The rescue groups try to come in and pick up the pieces for those animals and help them along to better futures. Adoptions are very slow right now due to the economy so our foster homes are just packed with too many foster dogs and no donations coming in. Because of the dire financial mess we are in right now, we have not been able to take any dogs from anywhere in over two months.

The rescue group that I co-founded more than four years ago (Tipton Treasures/PAWS NE, Inc.) is finally on its last leg and, if we can't pull off a miracle somehow, we will have to "permanently close our doors." We are out of money and we owe thousands of dollars in vet bills, we have to feed, provide medication, frontline and interceptor for approximately 150 foster dogs at all times. Adoptions are at an all-time low (most likely due to the economy) and we're having to turn away animals right and left that have nowhere to go. We have consistenly rescued 80% of our dogs from the Tipton County Animal Shelter in Brighton, TN and, since we have no funds lately and are so deeply in debt at this point, we have not been able to go to the shelter to pull any dogs in over two months. We all know what that means for all those little faces at the Tipton Shelter every week, most of whom don't have a prayer.

We have also always consistently taken just about any injured dog we were called about and have taken many that were strays in Tipton and Shelby Counties over the years. We have successfully treated, rehabilitated, and rehomed more than 3,000 dogs from the West Tennessee area alone in over four years. I'm feeling right now like all the blood, sweat and tears (literally) has been for nothing. We have so many wonderful foster homes and volunteers in New England and West TN who have worked so hard to build this charitable organization up and now it's all about to come crashing down around all of us.

I personally get calls every day about a dog that needs to be rescued but my hands are tied all because of money. Our rescue group American Express card is maxed out and we have no other options. Our dogs all originate in West Tennessee and so we're asking our own community to try to dig deep into your pockets and couch cushions and donate to save us. I know so well that money is very tight for everybody these days but I promise that NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL -- $1 or $10!!!! Or anything in between :(It seems that about once a year at least I have to turn to fellow animal lovers in our immediate community and farther to ask for donations to keep our rescue doors open and it is so humiliating to me. But I'll do it for the dogs.

Our rescue group is Tipton Treasures/PAWS New England, Inc. and we are a 501c3 public charity publicly recognized by the IRS. Take a look at our website at to read and learn about our group and all the wonderful fairytale-ending stories we have on there. You can also see pictures of me and our other volunteers on the volunteer tab. The heartworm treatments and vet bills that we need to pay for our group (again, our credit card is maxed out) are in Memphis and Collierville so we need for the funds to be donated here in West TN so that we can pay these expenses directly to the providers. Anyone who needs a tax receipt can request one and I will happily provide it to you.

Donations of any amount can be mailed to
c/o Traci Wood, President
7948 Quito Road
Millington, TN 38053
Checks can be made out to Tipton Treasures/PAWS NE


paid via Paypal at to the account of -- please note in the remittance box on Paypal if it is a donation to save Tipton Treasures

Please help us continue our very important work so that we can get back to the business of
taking care of the Tipton Shelter dogs very quickly :( In the meantime, *_please look at the
Tipton County Shelter's petfinder site and go save just one of those poor dogs! The shelter
staff is very rescue friendly and will do just about anything to make it possible for a dog or
cat to be able to leave that place. The Shelter phone is (901) 837-5919 and the staff are
Jeana, Sharon, Christy, Shane and Terry.

The Tipton Shelter's website link is

Again, bless you for even reading this email -- please please help us :(
Traci Wood