Friday, October 7, 2011

Why I Am Fighting Against NYC ACC

I live in Alabama, about 900 miles away (as the crow flies) from New York City.  So why in the heck do I care about what goes on in the ACC?

Pure and simple – it’s a slaughter by an uncaring director who lies, and uncaring, poorly trained employees.  NYC ACC is one of, if not the, worst shelters in our nation.  No one – not any one of us – should find it acceptable. 

A few weeks ago, I began posting the To Be Destroyed album for dogs each evening.  Then I added the one for cats, and finally I added status updates for the dogs to my postings.

I post the albums hoping my readers will share them.  Once the kill lists come out, there is a window of 10 to 12 hours in which to find these cats and dogs adoption or rescue.  It should not have to come down to this last ditch effort to save lives, but it does because ACC doesn’t market or advertise the animals to try and get them adopted. 

I post the status updates to help show the number of kills versus the number of saves, as well as showing which animals did not die that night but are returned to the hellhole to await death on another night.

I post articles, as well as my own blog posts.

Now that The Battle for No Kill New York has begun, I post each day’s call to action. 

The Battle for No Kill New York Has Begun

The Battle for No Kill New York - Day 2 - Demand the Resignation of Julie Bank

The Battle for No Kill New York - Day 3 - Calling Out the Board of Mis-Directors

I do all of this to raise awareness.  I do it hoping it will make my readers angry enough to do something. 

I joined the fight because I am horrified and disgusted by the deplorable conditions and happenings at ACC.  I joined because I am angry.  I joined because my voice, even from 900 miles away, is needed to help bring about reform.

I don’t have to live in NYC, or even New York State, to have an impact.  I am a potential tourist who might spend money in the city for food, hotel, and more.  But because of ACC, I’ll be damned if I will ever set foot in NYC while the slaughter continues.  I will never visit NYC, or New York State, until there is reform.

No Kill New York needs you to join the fight too – the more people who protest, the more difficult it is for city officials to ignore us.  It only takes a few minutes to write and send an email, slightly longer for a letter because of the envelope and needing to put it in the mailbox.

Please join the fight. EVERYONE is needed to make this happen. There are NO excuses.  Everyone can take a few minutes to write a letter or email.


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