Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CALL TO ACTION: Trussville, AL Residents Only

Mayor Melton has said he does not want to hear from non-residents.  Please help us fight the proposed ordinance by respecting this.

The proposed ordinance to ban pit bulls in Trussville, AL is still on the table.  It is not dead, so we can still defeat it.

ALL Trussville, AL residents who oppose breed specific legislation need to let Mayor Melton know this ordinance should not become law.

Please write polite and respectful letters or emails, or make a polite and respectful phone call.  A sample letter is below.  Feel free to use it when contacting Mayor Melton.

Tip from StopBSL.org - As you communicate, break any stereotypes associated with ownership of a targeted breed. Use proper English and good grammar, and be respectful and calm.

For additional tips, including what not to say, see:

If you write your own letter, keep it short. Elected officials get swamped with correspondence every day. They are less likely read an essay.

Please share this call to action with everyone you know in Trussville.

Proposed Ordinance

NOTE: Address the envelope and your letter as below

Honorable Eugene A. Melton
Mayor of Trussville
City Hall
131 Main Street
P. O. Box 159
Trussville, Alabama 35173

Dear Mayor Melton,

As a resident of Trussville, I am writing to let you know that I do not support any animal ordinance that targets a specific breed of dog.  Numerous professional groups have written position statements against breed specific legislation.  You can read them at http://stopbsl.org/bsloverview/the-lack-of-professional-support/ .

I live in the community and I share your concern for public safety. We can make the community safer through dog ordinances that all dog owners have to follow, no matter what their dog looks like. 

Please make our community safer by supporting a dog ordinance that does not single out specific breeds.



Additional Contact Information:

Telephone (205) 655-7478
Direct (205) 661-4052
Local cell 1-888-619-9997