Friday, August 12, 2011

Please Help Sweet Bella

  I received this email from a transport coordinator I worked with a couple of months ago.  If you can donate, please do.  Please share Bella’s story.

Thank you.


This is Bella, a 4 yr old smooth St. Bernard who had been used for breeding her whole life.  Last Thursday her previous owner who had her, her whole life decided he didn't want her anymore.   She ended up in the hands of a teenager who when he got her home was informed "She can't stay here" by his mother.  Bella had to spend her first night away from the only home she has ever known, even though it was a terrible place, but she had to spend it outside on a back deck.

A fellow animal lover got wind of her situation and went to retrieve her, got her a bath and right off to the vet, here is her diagnosis.... Bella's left eye had ulceration on it possibly from a blunt trauma, luckily she could slightly see out of it but her pressures was not good, she has been on antibiotic drops in her eye and it is clearing up the whiteness is going away and the prognosis is a little more positive.  Her nails had to be trimmed back 1/2 inch on all of them(she had to be sedated for that.)  Her ears have multiple types of infections going on and she has a giant hematoma on her left ear,  She is on drops for her ear infections.  She needs an antifungal bath every 3-4 days and has taken 4 capstars in the past week because her skin is in such bad shape frontline wont work. 

So we found a wonderful foster Mom (Rose) who has fallen in love with her and informed the rescue that she would adopt her.  Of course when all was taken care of, Bella went in to get spayed today, we found out that she is also heartworm positive positive.  No surgery, no vaccs yet and another enormous vet bill.  Rose is a wonderful adopter but cannot afford HW treatment and the good samaritan who got her out of this situation has already spent $500 on her vet bills.  We are looking to raise money for her HW treatment and hopefully reimburse the good samaritan who so generously donated the money so far for her vetting.  Please help if you can.  Bella has come such a long way just in the last week to a better life, heartworm can't stop her now.

Susan Turturice
OTRA Co-Owner/OTRA Co-Mod-MI/OTRA Verified Transport Coordinator
Co-Founder/Transport Coordinator-Something Special Castaways Rescue
Cell: 313-806-2033