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What is the truth about Piglet – Part 3

Blossom (formerly Piglet) at the Riverside Shelter

Facebook has been acting wonky this week (and what else is new?) with posts disappearing from timelines.  Many people were hoping and praying Piglet's life would be spared.  Many contacted the shelter in support of Piglet going to rescue or sanctuary.  

As noted in my note and blog postings concerning the truth about Piglet, there were more questions than answers.  Rebecca McCullough and Mark Watson of The Heart of Leo Sanctuary ( in Colorado went the extra mile in finding out the truth about Piglet's death.  I don't want this truth to disappear because of a timeline/FB glitch (or idiocy, take your pick).

Rest in Peace and run free Blossom.


Posted by Justice for Lennox (
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on Friday, 9/24/12 at approximately 10pm Central.

Justice for Lennox

Piglet was killed. 

First, I would like to say: The people (Piglet's owners) who posted all the petitions, deceitful and false details, and who collected money for a "legal defense" were the ones who brought Piglet into the shelter after she attacked the jogger. This was Piglet's second attack. They told the shelter from the beginning of her second bite offense that they wanted her to be destroyed. After they collected money from everyone, they shut down the pages and made a false announcement that she was dead.

Riverside County has NO BSL. The ordinance in regards to bites: 1st offense considered an accident, and is forgiven but the dog must be properly cared for and restrained from then on, and a potentially dangerous dog "restraining order" is placed upon the owners.2nd offense, the dog will be impounded and euthanized. 

Piglet had attacked once. Her family neglected her a second time. Her second offense she hospitalized a jogger. The family WANTED Piglet to be euthanized, presumably because they wanted to keep the money they had collected. Executive Director Rob Miller decided that it wasn't fair. He put a "Do Not Euthanize" order on her kennel and into their Chameleon Database so he could fight it. If the family hadn't brought her in and TOLD them to kill her... If they had even TRIED to appeal it, there might have been a chance for her. 

This director stepped to the plate for her anyway, mainly, because it was obvious that she had been abused. She had been trained to attack as well. He didn't feel she should die because of the abusive and neglectful actions of her owners.


They had her evaluated over the past three weeks 3 separate times. She was taken out of the shelter by a certified behaviorist for an out of shelter evaluation as well. The behaviorist said: "Not Good." She showed aggression to all other animals. She showed extreme food aggression. She was aggressive to humans too.

Still they fought for her. 

Around the time I last heard from them, the director had ordered John Welsh to stop responding to emails and phone calls about her, because there were literally 1000's coming in every day. They had 400 other dogs in the shelter who needed to be networked out, and they needed his help coordinating transports and rescues. However, they did NOT give up on her.

He argued her case with the City of Riverside for 3 weeks to try to save her life. The city finally based their decision on the fact that they could not set a precedence. When other bad owners abuse, neglect and turn their dogs vicious, they have to be able to protect the public. By sparing Piglet, it would have effectively nullified their policy.

I would now like to say: Tracy Fry claimed to have been in contact with John Welsh. She claimed that she had a sanctuary lined up, and a full rescue proposal on his desk. John Welsh has never heard of Tracy Fry. Nor had he heard of Sienna Rose, or any of her friends.

There were only 2 organizations trying to save Piglet. One was a woman named Clarinda from "Smiling Dog Farms" in Nebraska. The other was myself, from The Heart of Leo Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. Believe me, HOL tried. From what John said, Clarinda was calling several times a day as well.

I am personally grateful to Riverside County. I am grateful to John Welsh and Rob Miller. They went above and beyond trying to save her, even though their policies said they shouldn't. Piglet (Piggy) was a victim of her owners. What they did was criminal in more ways than one. There were other liars involved in this as well. I don't know what they got out of it, but they certainly didn't help the situation. 

John Welsh talked to Rebecca McCullough, our director, for over an hour today. I am still sad, and still believe that I could have helped her. However, I now know that they did EVERYTHING in their power, and it broke their hearts that it turned out this way.

The last thing I want to say: I was going to name her Blossom, because I know she would have blossomed into a wonderful dog with love, patience and proper training. To me, that is her name.

Run free Blossom.

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